Frequently asked questions

We understand that fostering isn’t for everyone. However we also understand that some people choose not to foster because either they think they wouldn’t be allowed to foster or have no idea what the children will need. Well we hope to allay your fears and show you what fostering is really about.

Is it a full-time job? 

It depends on the type of fostering you undertake. Short break care for children with disabilities can just be two nights a month whilst for level two and three care at least one carer is expected not work.

Will I receive training? 

Yes. An extensive training calendar is offered to all Portsmouth foster carers and all carers are expected to undertake training.

Do I get paid? 

All foster carers receive a fostering allowance which covers the cost of caring for a fostered child. Due to the additional expectations placed upon level 2 and 3 carers they receive a larger financial package.

Do I need a spare room?

Yes.  This is one essential requirement.  A looked after child must have their own room within your home as they are not allowed to share, although consideration is given to siblings sharing. 

What support is available?

There is a package of support available to all foster carers. If you do decide to become a foster carer you will not be expected to 'go it alone'.

How old can you be to be a foster carer?

Consideration is given to people of all ages over 21, but should normally be 25 years or more.