Level three 

Level three carers have previous experience of working with children and young people.  They have the skills, experience and desire to foster children with complex backgrounds and high levels of need. Level three carer households have at least one carer that does not work in order to support children and young people throughout the week. Carers are required to undertake training to an NVQ three standard, and attend regular carers’ and therapeutic meetings.  Placements are planned and matched carefully to ensure we find the right carers to meet the child’s complex needs.

Level three foster carers are experienced and skilled foster carers who choose to work with children and young people with more complex needs.

Level three foster carers foster some of the most difficult to place and vulnerable children and young people in Portsmouth.

We’ve seen a variety of children come through the service and grow into independent young adults. For some of our children it is a massive achievement to simply be living independently, holding down a job or keeping out of trouble. However, some of our children have moved on to higher education, employment and have gone on to have families of their own. We are proud of all of our children’s achievements and know that it is a direct result of the hard work and dedication of our foster carers.

 What do we offer?

All foster carer in Portsmouth receive a comprehensive package of support but because level 3 foster carers are caring for the most complex children and young people they do get extra support.

They get the same package of support as other foster carers

Support through the assessment process

An allocated family placement social worker.

Monthly Supervision

Varied training before and after approval

On call support outside of office hours

Professional networks such as access to therapists and nurses.

Support groups

Access to carers forum where carers meet with heads of Portsmouth City Council.

Access to a loan people carrier car.

In addition to this level 3 foster carers also get

Additional financial support. Instead of an allowance level 3 carers are paid an all inclusive fee of £490.61 per child per week.

Monthly meetings with other foster carers.

Monthly therapeutic support meetings with a therapist

Additional holiday from fostering to give them 28 days per year paid at half pay.
Who do we need?

Fostering is a big commitment and so we need to make sure that foster carers are prepared for it, both mentally and physically.

It’s a fulltime commitment so within the foster family we expect the main carer to be a full time carer. This means that if you’re a single carer, you’ll be expected to take on this role as your only employment. If you’re a couple, then at least one of you (but it can be both) will need to take on this role as your only employment.


To be a carer with the project we expect you to be able to offer a child a single bedroom. We don’t allow our children to share bedrooms with your birth children, or with any of our other children. On a very rare situation we allow siblings to share a room until they are settled enough within your home to have their own rooms. The child’s bedroom must be big enough to accommodate their belongings and allow them some private space to study.


We expect foster carers to have either experience of working with children and young people, or skills from other work that can be transferred to fostering.
All prospective foster carers are expected to under go an assessment by us prior to fostering. This assessment takes approximately 5 months to complete and provides us with an opportunity to understand you and your family in more detail. During this time various statutory checks will be completed, including health and CRB checks. Personal and professional references will be sought.

Already fostering?

If you are already fostering for an agency or another local authority and would like to hear what we can offer, then we are happy to speak with you.

What do you need to do next?

If you are interested then you can apply on this website or give us a call. If you know it is level three that interests you let us know.