Foster Portsmouth children 

Portsmouth is a great city with fantastic services. We are always striving to do more to meet the needs of the local people. Our fostering service is inspected by Ofsted and our last inspection report was outstanding.

Read the report here:

We feel we offer a service to our foster carers that meets their needs and the needs of our children. Our package of support includes excellent training opportunities, out of hours support, regular supervision, clear and reliable guidance, annual appraisals, structured financial support and reflective forums for implementing opinions. Leisure cards for the family and access to a vehicle loan scheme are some of the extras we provide.

One of the main benefits to fostering for Portsmouth City Council is that we know our children. The services that work directly with the children, their families and the foster carers are all under one big umbrella and so can quickly, efficiently and accurately share the relevant information to those that need it. There is no middle agency to deal with. This makes better sense to us.